Endangered Hibiscus in my care

bruggirl(8b)July 1, 2004

I was recently sent seeds labeled "Yellow Texas Star". Since I knew this was probably incorrect, I went searching for the true identity.

To make a long story short, I am now the proud owner of several H. Brackenridgerii, ssp. mokuleianus, an endangered Hawaiian native species.

I am so happy to know that I'm helping to keep this species alive, and I'll be glad to share seeds when I get some.

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My hand is up for the first batch of seeds or a cutting/s.
i'm also looking for Hibiscus species or the ones that have their own smell like Hibiscus arnottianus immaculatus
Let's keep these great species ALIVE !!!

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My thoughts, exactly. Did you send me an email? Send me an email, and I'll put you on the list. I can't wait for this baby to bloom. Just a tip...they don't like fertilizer at all! A few of mine burned back from just a little 10-10-10.

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Deweydave(z11 HI)

I realize this message is quite late, since I just joined this webpage.
With hibiscus, it is usually best to take cuttings or cover it immediately after self-pollinating.
Two reasons why I suggest this:
1. Hibiscus are very promiscuous and it is very likely that you'll get a cross since Hibiscus are so commonly grown in just about everybody's yard in Hawaii! The seeds may not be true and you will be passing on a hybrid instead of the real deal.
2. Tip cuttings will preserve the plant exactly as it is since it is the same genetic material as in the original plant. Tip cuttings are very easy. Cut a six to eight inch piece of the branch with new growth. Make a cutting where a leaf has fallen off. Growth hormones are concentrated in these areas of the plant. Trim off any lower leaves, but do not harm the growing tips. Next dip in a powdered rooting hormone and shake off excess dust. Best not to touch rooting hormone with fingers. Wash off immediately if you get it on your fingers or skin. In pre-watered 4-6" pots of large or medium perlite only, make pukas with a pencil or some tool and put cuttings into them, one per puka of course, and close in the perlite in around each cutting so that they stand up firm and straight. Depending on the size of the tip cutiings, you can place 4-6 per pot. Allow the rooting hormone to be absorbed into the plant for a couple of days before watering. Lightly water once or twice a day. Pots should be placed in half sun/shade. Some may die. Others will take off and start growing more. These can be put in to more sunlight and given light doses of fertilizer, such as fish emusion. They can be individually transplanted to larger once you start noticing roots appearing from the drainage holes in pots. For me this has been a good indicator.
Have fun. Aloha a hui hou.

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Hi,I would be real interested,in your yellow,texas star seeds,if you gave any.I have a few white texas star hibiscus seeds.I know I am late ,but just found your article on garden web.Let me know.

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If they're really the Molokai subspecies, nobody should be calling them Texas anything anymore.

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Not Moloka'i, but Mokuleia, which is on Oahu's north shore, but yeah, I agree, not Texas.

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I figured it was some sort of alternative Latinization of Molokai. How did you determine it was this subspecies, anyway?

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Deweydave(z11 HI)

Yes, there is definately a Moloka'i subspecies of the yellow Hibiscus brackenridgei. However, it has been extinct for many years. The subspecies was re-discovered recently on O'ahu.
This I know for sure. Any questions you can e-mail me directly at deweydave2@hawaii.rr.com

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What I was wondering was how bruggirl identified her stock.

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EmmaGrace(8a East-Texas)

I was just studying this Hibiscus and came across your thread. So, was wondering if you still might have seeds and/or cuttings to share. If you do, LMK what you are looking for. I have LOTS of different plants & seeds.
Tropicals, and Japanese Morning Glories.
Thanks so much, Emma

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It turned out not to be the endangered species at all, so sorry, but no seeds available. I was very disappointed.

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Since there are said to be only a few hundred left, it didn't seem too likely you had that one - unless somebody got the seeds from a cultivated specimen in Hawaii, though they were the same as "yellow Texas star".

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