Did i over feed my hibiscus?

celeApril 29, 2007

It was a beautiful ball, full of leaves and blooming daily.

I gave it some of the miracle gro liquid food and the next day the trunk seemed to be getting soft and green, the leaves falling and now it wont bloom! The soil already had some plant food that came when i purchased the tree at HD.

Help!!! i transplanted it today to a much larger pot and watered i am hoping it will come back ... I miss my blooms : (

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One more thing-- right after i gave the hib the miracle gro like the next day or so we noticed the blooms to be much smaller and the petals seemed burnt like -- the edges was brown and crunch like...

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

How long have you owned it? It could be (but it really doesn't sound like this), the shock of being moved - from the HD to your place. Also, you don't know what kind of care it got before you bought it. It could be showing symptoms of something that happened to it before you bought it.
If you did over fertilize it, repotting it and watering it well was a good idea. Flush the fertilizer out. There are no other symptoms that is could be something else?
If this is what happened, (and someone else may have more advise) it will take a while for the plant to recover. I'd just soncentrate on getting it stable; what it recovers, I bet it will bloom on it's own, (no ferrtilizer needed).
Good luck!

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