Pre packaged plants

Rugosalover(5B)July 18, 2003

Has anyone had any luck growing those pre packaged plants that you find in those souvinier shops or from the airports in Hawaii? Im talking about those little 2" pots w/ti plants or anthuriums, or bamboo orchid plants in them? I bought some just to try them out when I went home in 2001...they all died. My mom sent a couple of packs last year and they too all "wen maki...auwe!!!"

Is it just me? Or is there a trick to them?



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Tropictype(z10 hawaii)

Never tried to grow them, but, keep in mind that most of those plants need high humidity and must have good drainage, as well as relatively uniform temperature. They stay alive in the plastic bags because of its natural greenhouse effect - very important especially when the plants are so young. Even here, I've had some cuttings die if I take them out of their protective plastic "greenhouse" because they are not getting the needed humidity before they've developed a stronger root system.

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Tourmaline3(Hawaii Zone 11)

Yes, I've had good luck with the pre-packaged plants.
I just bought several more Bamboo orchids, and sent a couple to a gardening friend on the mainland, and it was a good reason for me to get some for myself too.
I chose packages that had the most robust looking plants inside, and even had some new shoots.
Mine came up in a matter of days, and are growing in pots right now.
I've gotten very reasonably priced Hawaiian tree fern, Anthuriums, red ti and even the seeds, for Hawaiian fan palm, Pritchardia Pacifica.
Besides warmth and humidity, you have to be careful not to overwater them, and you need to have a very airy mix or soil to plant them in.
Good luck!
Aloha, Christine

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jman(NW Or)

hey, in january i went to hawai'i and when i was there i got a few plants. i got a red and a green ti, a bamboo orchid, and a type of large bush. all but the bush are alive now, but they had some trouble getting started. i think that it is because of it wasnt the growing time. the bamboo orchid is should grow rapidly but it is growing about a half an inch a month. it is just now starting to speed up. i think that it might help to get them in late spring, and if they get a lot of water w/o root rot then it should do fine.

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i got some plumereia from my freind in hawaii, and they are sending out leaves,


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maleko(USDA 9)

I have done plumeria, red ginger, ti and blue ginger. The blue ginger never took at all but the red ginger, plumeria and ti all lived for years. They never got very big so in frustration I experiemented with them outdoors in our zone 9 winters and they all died. If I had room for green house they would still be alive, I'm sure.

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We got back about 1 month ago and brought with us 3 plumeria, a bird of paradise, stephanotis, kahili ginger, and a white ginger. ALL are growing exceptionally well. I just hope I can keep them going after this summer when it gets colder and they become strictly house plants. Hope this helps. We just followed all the instructions on the package, and they are just doing great!

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