I have a shade problem

dutchesscottonApril 8, 2009

Hi everyone,

We were recently transferred from the Gulf Coast to Central Texas, and expect to be here awhile. Right now the Apartment we are in has a north facing balcony with shade all day. My south front porch has some sun but not enough to acomodate all my hibi's. I Am sad enough to leave my coastal home but I don't want to give up my beloved hibiscus.Most of these are in large containers.I prefer these in the ground so I already feel bad enough that they are in containers ,, now this ..

How crazy is it to maybe put them in some artificial heat/light everyday ..like the kind we used to keep baby chicks warm and clipped it onto the balcony railing. If it is a possibility , how long each day would I do this ..Any suggestions are welcome .

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