chile peppers

augieopfell(9 Rancho Mirage)July 13, 2005

I am visiting the Big Island and wondered if there is anybody growing chile peppers here! Do they produce all year around? Is there a dormant period? Are there any pesky bugs unique to Hawaii? Where's the best location on the Big Island to grow them, Hilo?

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mrdick(Lanai Hawaii)

I dont know about bugs but here on Lanai the birds eat all mine?

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Chile peppers are commonly grown in all parts of the big island. As long as they have water they grow. About 10 varieties are grown.

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I have a huge problem with white flies on my chile peppers. I'm using neem spray once a week and that helps but I can't seem to get ahead of them. I hope someone can suggest an approach that I can try to control the white flies.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Augie,

Many folks have a "Hawaiian" chili pepper tree growing near their house somewhere. It is a small tree/shrub and has loads of small hot chilis on it. The fruits are about an inch and a half long at the most and they are pretty hot! We haven't had any problems with the chili pepper plant here. Even if the birds eat some, there is enough for everyone.

A hui hou,

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Just wanted to know if anyone can give me the names of the chili's that are grown on the Big Island, or direct me to somewhere that I can get the seed. I am a Chili Head. I have one type of chili that is native to Oahu, I think, but the seeds are steril. I would appreciate any help.

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To control white flies on the Chili Pepper plant, shoot the plant with a strong spray of water from a hose getting the underside of the leaves. Do this 3 days in a row, then once a week thereafter or as needed.

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the hawaiian word for chili pepper is "nioi" ... for any kind of red pepper (most commonly the little red ones). there are different varieties of "nioi." your best bet is to ask the big island growers the names of their hawaiian peppers.

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I grow jalepeno and what is labelled as "Hawaiian chili pepper". Others I know grow habenaro(sp?). There are also lots of pepper plants that spring up that have very tiny fruits that the birds gift us through their droppings. Hawaii has no native chili peppers. They were all introduced. They also crossbreed readily and revert to the "wild" form, given half the chance(from what I have read). Just grow whatever you have a taste for. Bellpeppers are not supposed to do so well in lower elevations and like cooler climes yet people have had success in Honolulu. Go to the library and look up a book called The Pepper Garden by Dave Dewitt & Paul W. Bosland. It tells you all about the various different types, origins, crossings, gardening, companion gardening, growing for profit, etc. As for whiteflies--I grew a type of "bitterish" lettuce that seeded itself all over the place. Some grew near (as in, in between) the jalapeno and the whitefly did not come around. Neither did the aphid--so far. In fact, nothing bothers these lettuce and what grows near them. Sorry but I don't have a name for the lettuce. I bought it at Home Depot. All it said was "lettuce". Hope this helps.

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