Some Spiders from July 14th and 15th

hostabffJuly 15, 2012

New daylilies from Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th...

Wilson Spider

Desert Icicle

Purple Noid

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Isn't it funny how your mind can work. I saw a Wolf spider in my garden this morning, and wwhen I saw your title, for some silly reason, that is what I was expecting. Yours are much pretttier, although I was happy to see her. (I know it was a her because she was working in the garden, and only the female of the species does that at my house:).

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I had no idea what a wolf spider was until I looked it up. Scarry!

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That last one has nice color, and sure looks like it's moving!

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Nancy zone 6

Pretty, I like this kind of spiders! I have lots of those wolf spiders Kay. I know they are good in the garden, but boy when they get really big they sure look creepy.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

I like Desert Icicle although Wilson Spider is really pretty.. My clump was gorgeous but alas, they are done...Ellie

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