new slug species? rat lungworm?

sailawaymary(11)July 12, 2009

I am in Honolulu and made a 9 month effort to control slugs in my yard - pretty successful. Now, suddenly there are a whole bunch of "new" slug species in the yard - slugs that I have never seen before. They are much fatter and bigger, some are spotted, and there are different colors.

Anyone else noticing changes in the slug species?

And, are other Oahu folks concerned about getting rat lungparasite in their own gardens? What are you doing about it? I'm wondering if I should buy one of the "vegetable soaps" at the health food store.



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Just the usual ginormous suspects here.

Rat lungworm?? Good grief, what is that!!

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I read the Honolulu Advertiser article about the rat lungworm few months ago and this is why I rarely use fresh greens in my garden. I throughly wash and usually quickly blanch them, like the okinawan spinach, potato leaves, mizuni cabbage, portuguese cabbage, etc. The only greens I eat in the garden without blanching them is the green onions--this I make sure I wash it good.

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opps...wrong newspaper and article. I meant this Star-Bulletin article.

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wow, thanks for the link, i hadn't seen the article before. Usually i give any green thing a soak in water with vinegar/salt added, hope that's sufficient.

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so how did you control the slugs? I hate them!!!

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