Need opinions on planting a hibiscus hedge

amyinalabamaApril 30, 2007

I have a loooong chain link fence (almost 200 feet) with nothing planted on either side. I really want to plant something that will create privacy and would love it to be tropical.... Thing is, money is a real issue, so it needs to be CHEAP! I found a website where I can get 100 mellow marvel hibiscus plants for $115. I am very intrigued by their photo of a hibiscus hedge and it would be perfect for my budget, but as a newbie gardener, I am wondering if this is really something I'm ready to tackle. Any tips, opinions, pros or cons? How much maintenance can I expect? Will it provide privacy year-round, or will it die back in winter? TIA!

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I am guessing that marvel is a hardy hibiscus (perennial) but this also means it dies down for the winter. Zone eight is very marginal for tropical hibiscus. You might consider doing some in a few groups where winter privacy is not as much an issue but should probably use another evergreen shrub(s) for the majority of this 200 foot area. If budget constaints are the key issue then doing as much of the area as you can afford this year and doing this again next year might be an approach to consider. Very seldom is a great deal a great deal unless you know the plant and grower well enough to know it is a great deal.
I hope this help you with your challenge.
Good Luck and Happy Growing David

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Thanks! We decided against the hibiscus hedge (but I'm still so intrigued by it!) I did get my first hibiscus plant though and put it on my porch -- I am hooked!

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