Suicidal Hibiscus

gingerlili(z8 NW FL)April 4, 2005


This is my first time posting on this forum, but I just discovered you exist. I know an infanous suicidal gardenia thread was on GW, so this is my plea for my hibiscus.

Last year, a florist gave me a hibiscus plant that wasn't doing so well at her shop. It was peach blossomed and trained to be a topiary with a corkscrew trunk. I repotted it, and after dropping one set of leaves, it revived and thrived all summer and fall. When it turned cool, I started bringing it in, and then one day this February, I put it in the back shower and watered it. Unfortunately, I forgot I did that. Three weeks later, I remembered.

I went to the tub expecting to find a dead tree. Instead, I found it covered in deep green leaves with five buds. I gave it another drink and then moved it to the back room near a large picture window where it bloomed. The next week, the temp rose, so I tried to give it some sun. In the firstten minutes, its leaves began to droop. I brought it back inside, and it recovered in 30 minutes. The next day, I tried it agian with the same results.

So I waited until it was a warmer. This time I left it out for the day. That night, I noticed the leaves were curled and parts had turned see through. So I put it back in the shower, where it dropped the old leaves and has strated to sprout new ones.

This weekend, I pulled it out of the shower and announced that it had to learn to live outside.

Here are my questions: Is it possible for a plant to have an aversion to being outside? Can it prefer to live in my shower? What would you do?

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

YouÂre not giving it a chance to acclimate. I would put it in full shade and leave it. After a week, move it where a few hours of morning sun is all it gets. Then expose it to stronger sun over a week or two until it's lovin that full sun thing.


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Ginger, I agree w/Randy.
BTW, what size pot is your hib in? Could it be rootbound? It sounds like it's begging for moisture..Check roots. If it's rootsbound it's best to repot to a larger pot. Toni

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

I was kind of like your plant when I was in high school.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Consider these plants to be like a ficus benjamina. You move it, change the amount of light, water, or temperature it gets, and it'll show out and will yellow and drop leaves. Whatever you wish to change, as noted above, do so gradually. :-)

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gingerlili(z8 NW FL)


Than you so much for the suggestions. I know to move plants out gradually, but I've never seen a plant droop in the first ten minutes of being moved 5 feet from next to the door inside to next to the door outside (in the shade). I'll check to see if it's pot bound. I keep the soil moist to the touch. Does it need more than that? Should I mist it?

I think I've fallen in love with hibiscus plants and have purchased more, so I see more pampering in my future. Who knew when I took in this stray that I would be signing up for so much work?:)

I may have been a bit that way in high school, too. Maybe my hibiscus is a moody teenager?

Again, thank you all so much. What a friendly forum!

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