How much Cilantro?

KyleBryner(7)April 4, 2012

Hey everyone,

I have been asked by a local Mexican restaurant to grow Cilantro for them. The owner/chef says he uses about "90 bunches" of cilantro every week. With that information, how much should I grow?

My herb farm has raised rows roughly 2.5 feet by 30 feet, and I have 5 rows vacant for the cilantro. I sowed 2 rows full at about 3'' spacing for the seed, and I was planning on sowing another row in 2 week, followed by another 2 weeks later and finally one more 2 weeks later...rotating and re-sowing as needed.

Does this sound like it will be enough, not enough, too much...?

Also, how much should I charge for the cilantro given that he buys 90 bunches a week?

How many "bunches" are in a pound?

These are a lot of questions, but any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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You are going to need succession plant every 2-4 weeks. I would suggest planting at least twice as much as you think you need at first.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Visit your local grocery store and weigh some cilantro bunches. That will give you an idea of how many bunches per pound. Your cilantro should be heavier than what you would find at the grocer's will be FRESH and won't have had time to lose water weight.

We can't tell you what to charge, since we don't know what your market will bear. Just remember, customers will come to you for your promise of organically grown, high quality, fresh herbs. They won't expect to pay the same price as the cheaper stuff.

Since you have an herb farm, you'll know that cilantro doesn't appreciate warm temperatures.

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