sick braided hibiscus trees

nicolette730April 7, 2013

After accidentally killing my last braided hibiscus tree over the winter , I went to the garden center and bought two more trees to replace it, it's still only about 50 degrees f here so I put them in my laundry room where all my other plants and seedlings are, it's about 70 degrees f in there with takeover head grow light bulbs as well as a standing lamp with two blue and red led light bulbs and 3 grow bulbs, I also have a humidifier running so the leave wouldn't dry out with the use of the heat they where doing fine for about a week ,but now they have began to loose leaves the remaining leaves are curling , drooping and turning yellow. I need some help I'm not sure what to do to remedy the situation which is why I am here.
Thanks in advance,

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Hibiscus usually loses some leaves c any major environmental change. Do the growth buds appear to be in good health?
If so, then your plant is just reacting to change. In a week or so, it may just start replacing those lost leaves.
Check your watering. You may be over or under watering.
Is the soil soggy? Is it dry?
Does the pot have adequate drainage? Water should drain out freely when you water.
You might even want to check the roots for signs of rot.
And finally, get that poor plant as close to a window as possible as soon as you can until you can put it out for the summer. Hibiscus needs a full day's worth of sun and warmth.

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Sorry I guess I forgot to mention they are in front of a window thanks for the advice!

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Thank you for your advice you where right! They started re leafing today!

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