Rose of Sharon- vs- bugs

beebees(E TN)April 27, 2005

I planted 2 Rose of Sharon (gal size) last year. This spring I have found that the new growth (lots of it) is completely covered with little black aphid-like bugs. What to do about this? Don't have a lot of bug experience.

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Beebees, If those are the same black aphids that I fight in the spring on my honeysuckle and Dames Rocket, they can be very damaging and hard to get rid of. A hard spray of water will remove some of them. While I seldom spray for pests, this is one that I do spray for. I use a Bayer garden spray that can be attached to your hose and that contains imidacloprid. This is a strong pesticide and you should take care to not get it on you. As it kills ALL insects, I only spray where I have the problem in order to minimize damage to good bugs.

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mofliss(Dallas, TX)

Tub of ladybugs, under $10. Spread after dark.

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