Transplant Shock or Wilt or Something Else?

Oakchick77April 26, 2013


I purchased a hibiscus from a chain gardening store last Sunday and potted it in a 16" container with regular potting soil after loosening the roots a bit. I keep it on my front stoop which gets 6+ hours sun per day (as recommended). I live in Virginia which hasn't been super warm lately, but has been in the 60-70's during the day and 40's-50's at night, and I've been watering every other day and have been testing the soil to make sure it's not too dry and is damp but not soggy.
The plant looked fine (not great, but fine) when I bought it and when I potted it. Monday and Tuesday come and it's looking slightly more wilted, then Wednesday still droopy but a flower blooms. Thursday more wilted, and now Friday is here and it's even more pathetic. No more blooms, although it has plenty of buds, but it's had buds all week.

The leaves aren't turning yellow, and they aren't falling off, but the whole thing is incredibly wilted. Most of the leaves are starting to curl a little bit but are remaining green.

My question is, does my plant have wilt, or is this just transplant shock? How do I know the difference, and if it is simply transplant shock, when will it get better? I have some experience with planting, but not much with hibiscus, so I'm a little concerned for my plant!

Thank you so much in advance!!!

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Okay just in case someone else is wondering the same thing, I'll follow up with my own post. Even though my hibiscus is still not looking spectacular, it is looking much better than last week, and I believe it was just transplant shock. I realize now too that I think it might have been too windy for a couple days and I think the plant may not have been able to establish itself in the pot due to the movement of the plant by the wind. After taking wire and securing it and then continuing to water it (mixed with a couple rainy days), it seems to have come back to life!

So if your hibiscus is transplanted and a week later it still looks like it's struggling, it may still just be in shock!

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