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nbattad(HI)July 14, 2004

Thought I might be able to get some good advice here.... so here goes. Problem: Hillside in the back of the house, 2 hills, the lower one has some grass that the developer shot on, (I'm trying to water it and get it to fill in), 2nd. hill pretty much bare.

I started planting a bunch of "hearts and flowers" but because of the full sun, and the winds, the water dries out pretty fast. The only thing I have found to water the hillside was an impact sprinkler on a tripod (HD) and because of the wind, even that ends up watering my neighbors yard rather than mine. (I am going to try soaker hoses soon).

Being concerned with the erosion, is the main reason for planting the H&F. I also planted a couple of plumeria on the hill because couple people told me it has a pretty good root system.

Any ideas for any other deep root groundcovers/plants/trees to hold the soil? Any slope watering ideas?

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1. Hearts and flowers are an escellent choice. Once rooted you wont have to water to establish. It will spread by itself. Other ice plants would work the same.
2. Spanish shawl (Heterocentron elegans) is a little larger and takes a little more water. When established, it doesn't need water either.
3. Arachis pintoi is a good choice but it takes a little more trouble and water to start. Has a deep root and makes a good ground cover. Grows about 4 inches high.

Almost any tree would stabalize your slope.

let me know if you want more suggestion. You can google any of these plants to see what they look like and growing requirements.

Good Luck

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

How much of a slope is it? Our lot is very steep, but it has been terraced and that does wonders for planting things. Rock faced embankments with mondo grass growing in the crevices will eventually look like a grassy lawn and you won't have to mow it.

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