Looks like this forum's starting to pick up

Anakaleki(z9FriendswoodTX)July 27, 2004

I'm glad more people have joined this forum! I just wanted to say mahalo to Mokihana for answering my post about the leis, even after exactly one month of it's being unanswered.

I'd also like to ask about plumeria: my uncle's friends in Hawai'i dig up their plumeria and hang them in their garage to make them go dormant. Does that mean plumeria HAVE to go dormant at some time?

Also, I found an alternative for plumeria blossoms in lei making for people in less tropical zones: natal plums, the flowers are almost exactly the same except for being smaller.

Aloha, Andrew

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The_Foliage_Kid(Zone 6)

Glad to see your forum is gaining momentum. It's fun to drop in here on occassion and see what's going on out in the Pacific.

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Aloha Andrew!

I do not know the answer to your question as to why your Uncle's friends force their plumerias into dormancy. I do know that there are two types of plumerias. One is an evergreen and the other is deciduous. I live on windward side of Oahu and I have 5 huge plumeria trees, all the deciduous type, and when they lose their leaves and go dormant every winter, they look like ghosts. Maybe the friends in Hawaii have the deciduous type also, and just don't want to look at the bare naked plants thru the winter? Mine are too huge to dig up, they are all about 20 feet tall and have been here probably 40 years. Sorry I can't be more help.

I just wanted you to know someone is out here listening way over here in the Pacific!!

Aloha, Melanie

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