Hibiscus in WI

msaudie(z4 WI)April 29, 2007

My daughter purchased a hibiscus last year from a garden shop and planted it outdoors. It was suppose to be hardy enough for this area. Could someone help us out as to how early we should see growth and how much should we trim the old stalks down? I do a lot of gardening but the Hibiscus is a new one for me. All advice is appreciated!!

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

If it was a hardy hibiscus, be very patient waiting for that new growth. Here in Maryland, I often don't see it until late May, and I'm sure it would be later where you are. The old stalks won't sprout, so you can trim them down to just above the ground whenever you want to.

Now if it happens to be a Rose of Sharon, different rules apply.

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I was wondering the same thing! I planted 2 hardy hibiscuses last year, as opposed to my usual annual varieties. I didn't cut either back to the ground; both have 1' and 2' of stem. Thanks watergal; at least I know enough to give it more time, since you're alot closer to me ;)

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My hardy hibs sprout around the end of May to June..But once they pop up, they'll grow fast. I don't prune for fear of upsetting flowers. Only after stems die back in fall do I remove them. They serve no purpose and next yrs growth don't grow from dead branches.
Both hardy hibiscus and Rose of Sharons are fed w/Hibiscus fertilizer..Toni

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I cut all 3 of mine back to 1" above ground last fall and mulched with ground leaves as soon as ground started to freeze. Removed mulch in early warm spell, just noticed today that two of them have sprouts comeing up already. I don't plan on removing any of the sprouts. The root system should be able to support all new growth. jim

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