naninaniJuly 17, 2006

anyone out there got some pakalana and know how to best grow them? i live on maui, (sea-level) near the sea, windy conditions and hot (on most days) ... and we have mountain ranges less than a mile away ... where the clouds gather causing it to be humid down here. mahalo, if you can help.

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I have for months tried to get my neighbors Pakalana vine to grow into a pot and root. This has failed. However, recently, someone told me to put a paper bag around the flower cluster and catch the seeds. It sounds as if we are in the same location and Pakalana does grow Lahaina Side.

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Pakalana has a pod that is similar but not as big as the stephanosis seedpod. When the pod is brown and dry, it will crack open and small flat seeds with a lot of white fluff will explode out and fly all over with the lightest breeze...a mess to clean up in your house. Plant those seeds and you'll have more plants than you can shake a stick at. Barring getting your hands on a seed pod, try hooking a portion of the vine into the ground and pack down the stem. It may grow roots but you must keep it evenly moist and potting soil may be too loose. Another way might be to airlayer it but the stems are kind of flimsy and not thick. Each method does take time, though. Good luck and keep in mind that there is more than one type of pakalana. The "regular" one that most people use and have for leis and the "giant" one that has a larger flower but not as intense a scent.

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The Pakalana vine is delivered to the large home improvement stores on Maui only certain times of the year. So far the plant vendor's haven't delivered any. If you haven't had any luck getting this vine, drop me a line and I will see if I can locate one for you. A friend of mine just repotted one for me. Maybe she will have another...I also live on Maui...

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