Nesco roaster 4228-19?

2ajsmamaApril 25, 2011

I am meeting someone in town today who has an 18-qt roaster with porcelain on steel well, and rack, no manual, for $20. I figured this might be an older model but manual online looks the same for every model. Might not be able to find replacement cookwell for it, and buffet set (3 pans in a "frame") says it doesn't fit this model but still worth $20? Seller says no rust or chips on cookwell, a few chips on outer case.

Is there anything that should warn me away from buying this? I know Annie uses one for apple butter, I don't know if "roasting" is really roasting in this or if it's more like a slow cooker (though a big one!). Slow cookers only get to about 300F on High, this can be turned up to 450F (if it's accurate). TIA

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Well, I have a GE roaster oven model # 169221 and it certainly has its uses, but for making Roasted Vegetable Pasta Sauce I would use my Black & Decker countertop convection oven/broiler.

You will need a cookwell or a cooking pan (as GE calls it). I buy those aluminum foil disposable pans at Walmart to use in mine.

From the GE manual:

Meats roasted in your Roaster Oven will be moist and tender. For additional browning, brush oil or butter over the meat before cooking.

To create a darker roasted, crisper skin on poultry, do not add liquids (with the exception of the basting butter or oil) until there are only 30 minutes left of cooking.

I use the convection oven/broiler 30 or 40 times more often than the roaster. Most of my cooking is done out on my deck.

So.... for $20 I would get it.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

IMO $20 is too high given that you can buy a new ones, complete with all the extras for $20 more. amazon has several models listed in the $40 range.


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Darn, Dave, I already bought it! I was looking on Nesco site and cheapest I saw was $80. I'll have to go look at Amazon just to rub it in...

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