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carrie630(z7bNC)April 29, 2008

Hi everyone - same old question everyone always asked and I tried a search but nothing fit my question:

My hardy hibiscus (don't know the name but it will bloom very large round white with pink centers flowers) is up about 8 inches green and I wondered if I could transplant it into an area that receives very hot sun from one in the afternoon on. It's in full sun now, but I don't like where it is.

Thanks for any help (sorry I don't know the name of this hibiscus - but it is NOT rose of sharon)


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It's a hardy hibiscus bush and I'd probably say a southern belle. I KNOW they grow much better in full sun. My babies tubers all have had their say in the matter. The ones in the sun have tubers 4-5x's longer than the ones that were in deeper shade.

I believe what you'd be doing is trading off more flowering for the 1/2 day sun day location but I think we all have to do that with some of our hibiscus' as one time or another, if only because there are so many.

If you're going to insist on transplanting be careful to escavate the ground carefully the plant to find out where their tubers are. I don't know how big yours is right now, but I guarantee if you use a shovel, you'll be cutting throught the tubers to get it out, so start out as far as you can, pop the dirt ball out and work the soil away from the tubers that way. Sorry, I don't know what happens to the plant if too many tubers are cut off. Hopefully, someone will have had some real experience with this.

At least you have the advantage of a nice sized root system already developed for your half sun location, that's got to be a big plus. - Sandy

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