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lamocanApril 28, 2007

I have been taking care of an hibiscus plant that was donated to the library where I work . It's been healthy and blooming all winter , but now it's exhibiting a sticky subtance beneath it's leaves ......and has stopped blooming . There are little droplet-like mounds of this substance hanging on the spines of the leaves . I see no bugs of any kind . I'm a janitor and know nothing much about plants , but i've grown rather fond of this particular plant . Any advice would be greatly appreciated . Thanks !

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Lamocan, sounds like some type of insect..check for spider mites, aphids and scale. Mites are difficult to detect..but when a plant is infested, you'll spot fine-looking webbing usually between leaves.
If the hibiscus isn't too large, is there a way you can hose it down? Toni

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