lawai'i plant and other questions

hakuAugust 6, 2006


I bought a lawai'i plant, the lady said that I could cut it, to make more starters from it, my question is does this plant need fertilizer? (forgot to ask the lady lol)

And also I would like to use 20-20-20 plant feeding fertilizers, on my bromelias, aloe,plumerias and desert rose (cactus style plants)is this a good number?

I'm just starting so I'm feeling my way though any suggestions are very much welcomed.

Mahalo, Haku

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Hey! I think you're in my neck of the woods! Are you talking about the fern that smells like maile? If you are then you would have to cut them at the base or when the "runners" develop roots. I've seperated them this way and raised some in the past. As for fertilizer--I don't know. Usually it grew around other heavy feeders and I just used anything from fish emulsion to miracle grow. Just to let you know though, when I planted, I dug really deep and wide and put my own mixture of potting soil, compost, and mulch. What are you growing? I have vigna caracalla, roses, keffir lime, regular lime, pink lemon, meyer lemon, edible ginger, soybeans, yardlong beans, watsonia, passion fruit, Sweet William banana, pakalana, puakenikeni, chives, long green onions, eggplant, dianthus, butterfly aster, coreopsis, grape, ti, red sealing wax palm, piper nigrum, guava, paklan, acerola, green tea, pigeon pea, and a few I can't think of the names...By the way, where do you live around here? I've noticed that there is no garden club here and have been thinking about starting one. Anyway, it's nice to see someone from around here posting.

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