Acetosella-Pamama Red?

brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)April 17, 2012

I have a Star Hibiscus- really love it. It has proved to be winter hardy here and it gives me baby volunteers from time to time. Looking at Santa Rosa Gardens website, they have Hibiscus Acetosella "Panama Red" as a "Bargain Bench" buy at 2.99 each. Will this be a hardy plant here? If not, should I treat it as an annual and save seeds for next yr? Or, maybe you wouldn't recommend this Hibiscus at all? Also, how much space will it take up? Thanks, Brandy

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Just checked the web and they are saying to Zone 8b so you should be good to go. I think The Texas Star Hibiscus is good to zone 7. If it produces seeds I sure would save as they seem to star with not much effort.

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

Thank you, wally. I got 3 of them. They are all babies but growing. 2 are about a ft tall now, the 3rd one is stunted- very short. They are an attractive shade of dark reddish. They all seem likely to survive, but I will not be planting them til fall- when I don't have to worry so much about keeping them watered. Brandy

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They will die back to the ground in the fall and will be slow in sprouting in the spring. If you have good soil they can get over 12 feet tall. Here my soil they only have gotten to about 6 foot tall but I get to enjoy their blooms as I could not give them away so now I have over a dozen with more new shoots in pots.

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

Okay, I will not be able to plant them w/ my star hibiscus, but will need to find a spot w/ more space- another problem for fall... Would they do okay in shade? Or do they need sun? I appreciate the info. The "soil" here is mostly sand unless I amend it.

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