Where else can I buy roses?

maioloAugust 29, 2005


i recently started planting pale pink roses and bought all i could find in maui, (scoured all of home depot, lowes, ace hardware kahului, tropical gardens of maui, Ki Hana Nursery, ace hardware in kula, another place upcountry i can't remember the name).

sooo, no more pale pink colored roses to buy. can anyone recommend a store i have missed or any online store who ships to hawaii?

how are roses to grow in kiehi BTW? any advice on this please, especially since the spot i chose for them are in full blown sun all day.

thank you.

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You left out Walmart but otherwise that is a pretty good scouring of Maui. The thing about roses though is that I doubt there is a grower here and they are all imported. Jackson and Perkins is a mailorder source you could check out, but just do a Google search and see what else comes up.

Roses will grow fine in full sun in Kihei, though they would probably appreciate some shade for part of the day. Add organic matter to the soil and mulch to help hold moisture in the soil. You don't have to worry about powdery mildew or black spot or whatever the fungal diseases are but japanese beetle will eat them up big time. If they are healthy and happy enough they will grow and bloom despite the chewed leaves. If holes in the leaves are going to bug you then you will have to spray A LOT. I ignore them and never spray.

I have two roses, one red and a yellow, both long stemmed. They are about 8' tall and bloom off and on all year. The yellow does better bloom wise. I think it is because it gets more sun than the red.


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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Maiolo,

I suppose you could propogate the roses you have if you want more of them. Unless you wanted different varieties, then you may have to look online or wait until the stores bring in all the roses after Christmas. Ask your plant stores when they will be bringing in roses and they may let you pre-order some as well.

Beetles eat up our roses here really badly. I have flowers, but no leaves. They keep making flowers, though. I put sevrin dust on them occasionally, but the beetles are still winning. The climbing roses and the Hawaiian varieties seem to do better against the beetles, too.

A hui hou,

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