Parsley dying

daletsApril 21, 2013

My potted parsley plant suddenly wilted and appeared to be dying for no reason. I re-potted it in new soil. No improvement.Upon closer examination, it appears to be loaded
with tiny green crawling bugs of some kind. There also a little white flecks on top of the soil. Whatever this is, I fear it may
jump to my other herbs and attack them also. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, what do I do??? Thanks!

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CA Kate

1. Try washing off all the green bugs; this may take several washes as eggs hatch.
2. Have you been over-watering?
3. Make cups of weak Camomile Tea to water the plant.
4. toss the plant and get a new one?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

toss it. get a new one or just start your own from seeds. It is easy to grow parsley from seeds.

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