Rose of Sharon leaves bit the dust in the freeze....

carrie630(z7bNC)April 18, 2007

The stems look terrible, with hanging, wilted leaves just dangling from the stems. Do I prune the shrub (second year shrub) or do I just remove the leaves and hope for new growth? Thanks


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Carrie, are the stems soft or hard? If hard, remove the leaves..of course, pruning isn't a bad idea either, considering how fast ROS grow. Seems like the more you prune the faster it grows..
How cold did it get there? I can't imagine a ROS freezing..I have 2 types here, and 2 hardy hibiscus, and we'd had freezing days. -4 not including wind chill..I didn't realize NC gets that cold..Toni

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hopeful - well, we did have that few days of unusual weather - temps went down to 20 degrees and all of the new green leaves turned to brown mush - same with our azaleas that had already opened and most of us here lost crepe myrles, although I am told they will recover. This is a second year shrub, I've never pruned it and after the "mush" a few weeks later (which is now), I am noticing new growth on the bottom.... I guess I will see how much green I get and then prune the top if it remains bare. Do you think I will still get flowers? I know we all lost certain types of hydrangeas (lost meaning NO blooms this year), so I am not sure about the ROS - Thanks


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