Should I replace a barely-alive Rose of Sharon?

ptwonlineMay 19, 2014

So last year I planted 4 Rose of Sharon, and started training them to tree form. They started about 2 feet and grew to 5-6 feet.

After a harsh winter, 3 are showing buds from top to bottom. But the 4th--and in basically the same conditions--is only showing a single, small bud a half inch above the soil. I'm now worried that the rest is dead, and I may have to cut it all the way down.

Is it worth waiting to see if it will all grow back up and be able to train it to tree form? Or should I just buy a replacement?

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I would wait, only because it might come back for you and be identical in size as the others.
If it doesn't, you could always buy another one.
They aren't expensive, but unless you are lucky enough to find a bigger shrub, it's going to be smaller than the rest.
Rose of SHarons seem to take forever to leaf out.

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