How invasive is horehound?

christinmk z5b eastern WAApril 29, 2013

My mum really wants me to grow some horehound (Marrubium) for her. I hear different things about the invasiveness factor. Apparently it is a noxious weed in TX- not sure about anywhere else. I don't want to plant it if it is terribly invasive- not after the difficult time I've had dealing with oregano-gone-wild, lol.

Do you grow it and has it been a problem for you? Spread by both seed and rhizome I assume?
Thanks much!

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We had it as a weed around my house since I was little. As far as weeds go, I've dealt with worse. I think it primarily spread by seed (which it probably produces a lot of, judging from the number of tiny flowers), I never noticed it appear to spread via roots or rhizomes.

I'm not sure if it's annual or perennial. You may be able to deadhead the flowers off and avoid reseeding.

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Invasiveness in my heavy-clay, Western NY State location is about a 0. I actually have trouble keeping it going - I think the plant I did have is gone. RIP. Not sure I'll keep trying. I think I've killed 4 different plants here over the last 10 years.


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Humm....polar opposite answers there, lol. Maybe I'll give it a go and simply hack off the flower heads before they set seed.

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It doesn't grow all that fast. Ify ou hrvest it to dry and use, I doubt it would be a problem.

It has reseeded in my area, in a spot with little sun but sharp drainage, but was easily overshadowed by other plants eventually.

On the other hand, some I had out next to the street in a pot has overwintered with no protection.

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Yes, "invasiveness" and success is largely dependent upon your conditions and so vary wildly. I wish you luck!


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Just to clarify, it was weedy here, but only in areas that you didn't tend to. If you ripped it up before it went to seed it would vanish. I didn't consider it invasive.

Pollinators love it :)

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