pigeon peas

izzybelle(11)August 7, 2006

Anyone here in Hawaii growing pigeon peas? The seedlings from Echo have sprouted and I've seen (from a distance) one "tree" hanging over a fence. I was wondering if anyone here grows and uses them.

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I maintain a garden that has been planted with pigeon pea from seed. The goal was to bring more vitality and quick cover for an ailing Mock Orange hedge. The Pigeon Pea was planted 3' off the headge row. After 1.5 years, the Mock Orange hedge embodies more vitality, and the short lived Pigeon Peas are dying back.

Because the trunks & branches are weak I pruned the dead regularly to maintain a tidier look. I loved the smell, which reminds me of cilantro and fresh air. I collected some of the seed pods home and found the legume is a source of food. I have not cooked it yet, someday. I question if the shrub is invasive or not in certain climates here as I would any plant not commonly cultivated.

I am curious what your ideas for Pigeon Pea cultivation are.

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Greetings! My computer has been down several times and I lost all my information. I guessed what my password was and behold! I grew the pigeon pea from seed. It is now a "tidy" shrub--that is, it has not taken over the walkway and everything else around it as have many other plants. I grew it for a source of "beans" on a perennial plant. I don't have the time to maintain a regular garden and dislike replanting... though I now have lettuce and korean false sesame (perilla?) sprouting everywhere... I haven't plucked the seed pods from the pigeon pea and the pigeon pea hasn't dropped the seed pods. There it stays upon the bush for 3-4 months...i.e. over here, it is not invasive. By the way, the pigeon pea tastes very good-like a cross between soy and chickpea when boiled in water with salt. Others also use it as a main ingredient in gondule rice which is also very good.

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