Fences Around Swimming Pools?

BlueMoonTooAugust 11, 2004

We are moving to Kaua'i in October. The house has a swimming pool. The yard is unfenced. We were told when we bought the house that it's ok. Does anyone know if there is a swimming pool/fence regulation? Since we have a dog, we are going to fence the back yard anyway.

There is also a very small pond with water lilies. Is there a nursery on Kaua'i with pond plants? We've never had a pond before but have always wanted one with Koi. Unfortunately I think this pond is too small to put fish in. Any ideas?

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Aloha and welcome! I am a recent transplant from CA to Hawaii also. We moved in March 2003. How exciting for you, but I don't envy your move. I hope you are selling everything before you move!!

As far as the fence ordinance, you would have to check with the local authorities on Kauai as they would be the ones to tell you. If you bought the house without a fence around the pool, it probably was ok but you are right to question it. I would call (808)241-6303, which is the number to the Kauai Public works Dept. They should be able to direct you to the correct department. Good luck on your move.
Also, if coming with pets, make sure they meet the quarantine guidelines, aloha, Melanie
this site also has useful info, http://www.kauaigov.org

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Aloha Melanie,
Thanks for the reply. We will call for info after we arrive.
As for pets, we are bringing our Borzoi 'Tasha with us. DH has a folder about 1/2 inch thick he started over four years ago dedicated to bringing pets into Hawai'i. We have (I hope) jumped through all the hoops to get a "Release at Airport" for her.
See my new ? about ants.
Aloha, Liz

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Yes -- swimming pools are considered an "attractive nuisance," and you either need a fenced yard or a fenced pool (with a self-locking latch) to guard against someone coming onto your property and drowning. Big liability.

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