Manoa Lettuce

kuinut(11)August 15, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience growing Manoa lettuce? I bought a seed packet while I was at Lyon Arboretum the other day and I'm planning to grow them in pots. Only thing is, I'm not sure how wide they grow to be. I will either give them a pot each, or find a trough wide enough to plant a few heads. I live in Kaimuki, and I don't have a yard, so Containers are my only option. If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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Kui, Best to grow them a 8 inch or larger pot. A window box is better. Just plant alot of seeds in pot then thin out when start to growing. In Kaimuki, place pots where has moring sun until 11 A.M. than rest of day has filter sun. They need be kept moist. So water them heavily in morning and montior them the rest of day. Ideal water them in morning and later afternoon around 2 or 3 P.M. A liquid organic fertilize with slightly high nitrogen contain like a liquid fish fertilizer. Than, month or less you'll have a harvest. Good luck, remember gardening always adventure.

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