randg(11)August 22, 2009

I bought a two variety of 6-inches potted grapes while I was at Lowes hoping to buy some blueberry plant. The two varieties I have are the Seedless Perlette and Seedless Ruby. This is another of my impulse buy, I have no idea what there requirement when I bought them. The cashier was surprised that they are selling grapes.

I did a bit of research when I got home and learn that grapes could be grown in the tropics. Some are interesting to read, like how people force to induce dormancy for the grapes. Anyone here have pictures of their own grapevine and could you please share your experiences in growing it?

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randg usually i see the blueberries being offered in late winter, early spring. i'll give you a shout out if i see them again ; )

My friend's uncle grows grapes right down the road from us. i don't think he does anything special but i'm not positive about that. He is at about 700' elevation which is not too high. The winery is quite a bit higher than that.

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