hibiscus growth?

aurora114May 20, 2014

Hi! I just started getting into gardening last summer. we planted three hibiscus plants last year and they did very well after. however, they have shown no growth yet this year and my mother tells me that we may have lost them over the winter. before I dig them up, I am just wondering when I should expect them to start growing...or should i start digging? :/

thanks in advance!

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BlaznDragn(9 TX)

Not sure about the NJ area but Here in Texas they have started back growing. It would probably depend on the last frost you had there because it will delay them. Mine died back to the ground level due to freezing temps and now are showing new growth, but no flowers yet. I would give them a little more time.


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do you know if you planted tropical or hardy hibiscus? the tropicals aren't very frost friendly

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thank you for your replies!

if you are in TX and yours are just starting to grow now, then I should definitely give them more time. We had a very long winter and it is still getting quite chilly at night here. No frost in about a month probably.

As far as hardy vs. tropical...I am not sure, but I would imagine they are the hardy variety, as I purchased them from a local nursery. I will see if I can locate the info on them.

Thanks again!

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