17' Disco Pink is coming back

silverdollar(z8 La)May 12, 2005

This darn plant that never put out one bud/bloom last year has returned. I cut it off at 5' in late fall. No nitrogen was ever added. It is now at 8' and growing taller every day. I cut some stems back to make it bushier. Any suggestions on putting out some blooms? I just bought "Hidden Valley" fertilizer hoping that would help.

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It only blooms on the tips. Maybe you are cuting it before it has a chance to bloom?

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silverdollar(z8 La)

Patecake, I cut it last fall and trimmed it when it started putting out branches before this sprng. (a few months ago) Usually, mine bloom starting lst of June.

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Sorry , if it seems a dumb question, but are you talking about "disco pink" hardy hibiscus??? I didn't know they would keep growing through the winter, since ours always die back to ground level for the winter and send up new shoots in the spring. I'd think though that that one needs a winter dormancy period to flower, but I may have misunderstood which variety you have. Maybe yours is a "tropical"??? hibiscus???

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silverdollar(z8 La)

Bird, it is a hardy hibiscus that is common. We don't have hard winters here in hot Louisiana. The base of the plant is large as my wrist.(7-8") Last fall, I cut it down to 5' and checked the trunk in February. It was still green wood. It is now about 14' tall and bushy. It does have new shoots around the base also which won't get much sun due this monster I have growing. This is why I am asking for advice. I have never had one do this before.
Thanks for the response.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I bet once you start adding the fertilizer, it'll start blooming. Either that, or you just haven't been paying it proper homage - telling it how gorgeous it is, bowing before it, ya know, the usual..... HA!
I've never heard that it, or any other hibiscus for that matter, needs a dormancy. Anyone out there have more thoughts on that?

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I'd use only a phosphorus fertilizer. Any nitrogen would only exacerbate the growth 'problem' you already have.

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Just use some triple superphosphate. That will spur it to bloom without making it grow any more. Is it near your drain field, by any chance? If so, that may explain the growth. I planted one by my drain field in SC once, and it went berserk!

But yes, it only blooms on the tips of the stems, so cutting it back is defeating the purpouse.

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