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hug_a_tree(11)August 14, 2005


I have a low fence wall between my neighbor and myself. They're such wonderful people that I've never bothered to put something higher between us. Recently, we got a chihuahua and she barks at everyone but us. I don't want her to constantly bark at them everytime they come out.

What can I grow up against a concrete fence that will have tall, dense, and fast results? I am a fan of foliage and flowers (who isn't yeah?), but I'm willing to try whatever grows the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo nui loa!

Da Tree Huggin Wahine~*

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Although not much on flowers, Naupaka gets the job done for us.

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

You might try the varigated Hau tree. Very colorful, drought tolerent, can be dense if prunned properly and available at Home depot.

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Mahalo nui loa for your help John and Joe!

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ahlisa(z10 HI)

Have you thought about Areca palms? I don't know how well they would do up against a wall, but boy do they grow fast. We have a neighbor who has an inpenetrable wall of arecas that grew about 5 feet in ... maybe 6 months.

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giavid(11 PR)

I live in Puerto Rico and was trying exactly that, plant some arecas to create a natural boundary between my property and my neighbors. But they don't seem to grow. I have had them for over a year and a half with little or no growth. Any advice on what I can do to have them grow faster?


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I wanted to post a follow up on my privacy question. My husband bought a small new plant because he loved the "deep maroon colored foliage". I looked it up and its a: Hibiscus acetosella or Red shield. Its lovely and boy does it grow fast. No kidding. We've already trimmed once and it's only been in the ground two months. It's 4 feet now with nice dense width. The "flowers are a rich blood colored red". Its really nice, and a great morning bloomer. I highly recommend it for these type of privacy issues. I posted an image below. Mahalo for your suggestions!

Da tree huggin wahine~*

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Creeping Fig found in the large home improvement garden centers in the ground cover table will attach itself to a concrete wall eventually covering it. I have it growing up on my mailbox and every now and then the Postman leaves me a nice note to "trim my mailbox". Okay, so sometimes I get too busy and can't keep up with it, but it makes an excellent devider since you mention you have concrete and a fence...

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

We have much the same problem and are using the variagated Hau and beach Naupaka. I am considering the Hibiscus acetosella as it is easy to grow and propagate.

However, it does not have enough salt tolerance for where we are.

What is the approximate elevation, sun condition (full or partial)and windward or leeward? All these have an affect on what will grow well for you.


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