New gardener - what am I doing wrong?

RF1279(6)May 29, 2011

I hope someone here can help me. I'm a first-time gardener (on an NYC terrace, so everything is in pots) and I'm having a little trouble with the hibiscus I bought a month or so ago. For the first few weeks it looked beautiful and healthy, like this:

Now, sadly, it looks like this:

Every day more and more of the leaves seem to turn yellow, and eventually they fall off. I'm wondering what I am doing wrong? I know that they like sun (and my terrace gets lots of it) but here in New York we had about a two-week stretch where it rained every day and the sun never peeked out for more than a couple of minutes. Could that be why? It didn't get overly wet since there is another balcony that overhangs mine, but maybe it just didn't get enough light? Is there anything I can do to "revive" it?


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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Your Hibiscus still looks healthy. I would think from what I can see that your plant is just experiencing transplant shock and should revive shortly. Just make sure that the potting medium does not remain saturated with water and after you see a little new growth you could give it a bit of liquid fertilizer to give it a boost.

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