Laua'e fern, pakalana vine and Puakenikeni

noneya(california)August 10, 2004

Hello, I am looking for Laua'e fern and pakalana vine (I think this is also called Chinese violet) and Puakenikeni. Are these available in little packages anywhere? Like the other plant cuttings and seeds from ABC stores?

Please email me. Thanks

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Aloha, as far as I know they are not. I have never seen seeds for the plants that you are asking for in ABC stores.
You would have to go to an internet source perhaps.

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EverybodyLovesDonkey(OC Calif)

Hi Hulagal, could the plants I am looking for be shipped bareroot? Seeds are no good for me, I cannot get them to sprout and grow lol. thanks

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Check out this link. Aloha tropicals is IN Calif. They might have plants for you. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloha Tropicals

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Aloha, noneya try go to da, Ia O'E Ka La at the Alemeda fair grounds So Cal Tropicals is there every year I don't know about Aloha Tropicals.I know they were at Aloha Festival at Presidio S.F I bought 1 laua'e 30$, they had everything, ulu tiare pakalana ti name it So cal was at Kane Hula Festival and their laua'e was 6$ for the small kine got 1. Pakalana was 30$ A Hui Ho

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