Life span of Cook Island pines

mrdick(Lanai Hawaii)August 4, 2005

Aloha, Does anyone know the average life span of Cook island pines here on Lanai most of ours were planted in the 20s and many dont look too good about now I am concerned cause due to their size these things are like lead pipes when they fall and our trades are strong here...Don

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If you can get an ISA Certified Arborist out there to look at them that would be good.

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mrdick(Lanai Hawaii)

Thanks for the info Ron did some surfing and found out they will be giving the test here in Honolulu on the 22nd of October will be sending my partner this is the support we need being this far out of the loop the ISA lady said she would hook me up and am looking forward to their packet.....Don

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Don,

I don't know about how long they last, there is one in our backyard about 100 years old or so. It is huge. It is also very valuable. If you decide to take your tree down, find a lumber fellow who will pay you to take the tree down. The wood turners love the old big pine trees to make bowls out of. Someone offered several thousand dollars for our tree (and they were going to take it down, not us), but the tree is healthy and was here before us and will probably be here after us as well.

A hui hou,

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