Questions about hothouse growing

ej_33August 23, 2008

Aloha forum members - I am new to Hawaii (and this forum). I am an enthusiastic but novice gardener and I am looking forward to experimenting with plants in Hawaii. I just moved into a house (near Hilo) with a hothouse/shade house and am looking for some advice. It has wooden benches already installed, but I am wondering what type of material to make planters out of. Will wood just rot away? Does plastic provide adequate drainage? What is the best potting mix for outdoor use? Which types of veggies and flowers grow best in a hothouse? Are there any pitfalls to this type of gardening that I should be aware of (pests, etc.)? I really appreciate your advice or suggestions for online and printed reading. Mahalo!

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Your greenhouse would be a great place for tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, lettuce, herbs, all the things that friut flies attack. Be sure to always keep the door shut. Don't use treated wood in planters, it may kill the plants or make your produce toxic. Plastic seems to work well. Most gardeners I know here make their own potting soil with Pro-mix or peat moss mixed 1 to 5 with black cinders and a little manure or other fertilizer.

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Thanks for the tips, leilaniguy. I can't wait to get started!

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Do you meqan 1 part potting soil to 5 parts cinders or the reverse?

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5 parts cinder, 1 part peat.

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