Tiny black bugs EVERYWHERE!!

sarahs_garden(7a)May 8, 2005


I have a beautiful 'Diana' ROS in my backyard... and this year I noticed MILLIONS of tiny little black bugs in huge clusters all over my tree! They seem to be congregating at the tips of the branches.

I took a hose out there and sprayed away every one I could find (it took a while even though it's still a small tree)... and then went back the next day, and there were MORE! They weren't as thick the next day, but I'm sensing that spraying isn't going to stop them.

They don't seem to be harming anything, but then again, the tree just budded out about 3 weeks ago and is now developing it's flower buds. Should I be worried about the nasty little bugs, and if so, WHAT can I do to get rid of them COMPLETELY (without using horrible pesticides, etc..??)


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mofliss(Dallas, TX)

Suggest find an organic nursery and get a tub of ladybugs. $10 or less. Spead them out after dark. Works well for me.

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wqcustom(z7b NC)

Sounds like aphids, a very common problem with hibiscus. You can continue to spray which will work, but mofliss is right for the best treatment get some ladybugs which will eat away at them.

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Order some ladybugs and sprinkle over your hibiscus...they simply love aphids.

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