Hardy Hibiscus and watering question...

bgaviator(7)May 7, 2013

I just planted two hardy Hibiscus Luna Red about a 1.5 weeks ago. I gave them a good watering when I planted them. Then I watered them about every other day. The plants were pretty small when I got them, and I understand that Hibiscus usually don't emerge until later in the spring. One of the plants looks ok, but the other one has had some leaves shrivel up and get dry feeling. It still has some full sets of leaves on it though. Both plants the leaves seemed to be cupped upwards though. Is this a sign they are getting too much/too little water? I don't want them to die on me. Thanks.

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Depending on the environment, I would slow down on the watering. Here in KS, we recently had sub-32 degrees again last week. I have finally started moving my older plants out that can handle the up coming 40s we have. My experience has been that the watering should reflect the temps. All of my H. M. are still indoors and getting low water.
Hope this helps.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Your plants came from a nursery in the south, where the soil is already warm enough to stimulate the plants to begin their growth phase. I have 3 varieties of hardy plants, and they are all late starters, not really getting interested in growth until early June. I'm sure soil temps have a lot to do with how your trees are responding to the transplant. I wouldn't worry too much, nor would I water any more unless you have treason to think other plants in the immediate area need water, too.

I wouldn't do it the first year, but in subsequent years you can increase the number of blooms by allowing the stems to get about 12-15" tall, then cutting them back by half or more. This also promotes a stronger stem that is less likely to lay over after some wind/rain .... or even as a reaction to their own weight.


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