dark spots on my basil

mrja(Minneapolis, MN)April 17, 2008

Hi there, rookie grower here!

We've been startng some herbs under the lights we're using for starting our tomato plants, and everything seems to be going great for everything but the genovese basil, which has random dark splotches of coloration.

If you told me these were common on the plant I'd believe you because they really don't look unhealthy otherwise. However, the darkness of these splotches seem to suggest something bad is happening. All of the plants have these splotches, but not on all the leaves.

I'll post a picture or three as soon as the girlfriend gets back to take them. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear some reassuring news! Regards,


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Basil may like to be put outdoors in bright sunlight. Green splotches may be normal or could be insect problems like spider mites which are very tiny. Depending on the seed starting soil and its health, you may have some diseases that are showing up. If the days are warm, place the plants outdoors for a few hours per day. Plant lights are only a substitute for getting very young tender plants started and should not be considered when you actaully want to grow and harvest this herb. Seed starting soil should always be sterile and offer good water retention as well as good drainage. It should also be light and not compact down so the roots can grow. Avoid spraying leaves of plants when growing indoors under plant lights, especaily if its the first few sets of leaves.

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