Ugh, I just can't grow house plants. Help with Orange Star!!!

FLgardenmomJune 11, 2012

So, because I was the garden lady and class mom in my son's preschool class, his teacher gave me an orange star plant. Actually, it had three plants in one little pot. Says keep in bright light (which is a problem in my house because of window placement), soil moist, and cool temps.

So, after a few weeks all of them are drooping. I had them in my kitchen window, hoping they would get enough sun. I put them out in the potting shed this weekend to get some extra sun, but none have perked up. So, today, I thought maybe the roots need more room and put each in their own pot. I have them on the floor (cause I know there's nothing cool about the temps in the potting shed) in front of the sliding glass door. Ugh! I have never had good luck with house plants. I don't have a window that gets a lot of sun. The sliding glass door (southwest facing) is the closest. but it is not a good permanent place, because the kids, dogs or myself are going to kick them over.

any suggestions?


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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Becca: I'm not familiar with the houseplant "Orange Star" so I googled it. Came up with a couple of possibilities. Maybe you could do the same and look at the images that come up to help in the ID of your plant.

Meanwhile, if the instructions say "bright light" then full sun, and definitely southwest sun, is too much. Move it out of direct sun.

Also, since it's "drooping", you may have overwatered to try to perk it up. We humans need water but we drown if we don't get air. The same goes for your plant. "Moist" soil doesn't mean soppy. You may need to let it dry out a bit.

When you repotted, I'm hoping you chose containers with drainage holes that allow excess water to escape.

You're a good mom to help at the preschool. I think you're trying to be too good to the plant and providing too much sun and H2O.


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Thanks, June.

Yeah, I drenched them today. Eek. But there are drain holes and I added perlite to the potting soil, because it seemed way too "thick" compared to the Al's Mix that I did for my tomatoes.

The windows in my bedroom are east facing. Maybe that would be better as they'd just get morning sun?????

Oh and from what I can find online, the botanical name is Ornithogalum Chesapeake Sunset


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Oh, the botanical name is on the tag. Ornithogalum dubium.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Cool plant! Here are some quotes I found from people who have this plant:

"This plant is native to Africa. It will die down in the summer and reappear in late winter or early spring. Do not water it while it is dormant. Begin watering in late winter."

"Beautiful bright orange blossoms. I planted on the north side of my house in the spring, and I water it once a week or less. The phoenix heat (and my neglect) have not killed it yet. Now that summer is here parts of the plant are starting to dry up and turn brown, but apparently this is normal for the plant and it will return next spring."

"Flowers are extrememly showy and lasted forever last winter. Goes dormant in the summer, reappears in the winter."


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

That was quotes for this plant: Snake Plant, also known as Yellow Chincherinchee, Sun Star ('Ornithogalum dubium')


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If anyone can actually grow this bulb, please tell me how! I have about 10 pots in the greenhouse and they are dormant. ONE came up this spring, but quickly melted back into the pot.

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Glad it's not just me. I keep reading how easy they are, which is not encouraging. LOL! They sure were pretty when they came to me.


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Becca, I KNOW! I bought them in bloom from Lowe's, thus I bought several - they were just gorgeous. Now, all I have to show for my investment is a lot of dormant bulbs. I have come to realize that our Florida climate is not where these bulbs want to be! LOL

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Look this one up on the "other" website - Kay, I know you are a member over there. Look it up by botanical name: Ornithogalum dubium. It lists the hardiness range as Zones 8b-11, so it shouldn't be the Florida heat that causes problems.

I don't know why it gives you trouble in the winter when it should bloom. I know that is very frustrating. Maybe do a little more reading using the Google Search below - maybe it will give you some good/useful tips?


Here is a link that might be useful: Ornithogalum dubium care

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