overwintering baby hawaiian woodrose???

stabby_lorynAugust 22, 2007

I Live in Central Pennsylvania in a Zone 5 area. Last August I started 2 Baby Hawaiian Woodrose plants. I grew them under HID's through the winter and they are now 25-30ft giant vines growing in a 20 gallon tub with an obelisk in it. They run over the obelisk and up some fencing to the roof of our home. The season is getting late now and I really want to keep them so they may flower next year. If kept above freezing in the dark, will they go dormant? How can I keep them through the winter without using my HID's? Any help is MUCH appreciated. I'll be overwintering a few Brugmansias in a basement and was wondering if the BHW could do the same.

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stabby loryn, I don't think your woodrose is really Hawaiian. Maybe you'll get better advice on overwintering in the vine forum. To be honest, I don't think anyone here even grows the vine as a honest plant. I've seen them in the "forests" on the side of the road, and occasionally for sale along with "Hawaiian" hats and such in tourist spots. I have a suspicion that they are on the "invasive" list...That being said, I remember being fascinated with them as a youngster...And, I hope that you have great luck...Each person, where they live, they take a lot of things for granted. For instance, you may have a lot of "roadside" plants growing all over that we pay dearly for...and vice versa. If I were to leave Hawaii, I would probably start a tropical yard (even if they are not really "local"). Anyway, I think I went off topic. Perhaps you can overwinter them by cutting them back and keeping them in a bright spot indoors. I wish you luck!

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