Fourth Year ROS Bluebird - Time to Prune?

dfaustclancyMay 9, 2007


I have a 18" ROS that has lasted thru 3 New England winters.

Grown from a seed, I have been wishing and hoping for a bloom maybe this year? Their bloom time is late summer, I know, but I just read a post that said pruning helps the ROS grow new branches and will help it bloom? I know the old saying, "Prune to bloom." Does this apply here? Currently it has one main stem, and looks like a miniature tree. I actually like it's shape, and don't want to prune, but will if it gives me the first blossom! pATIENCE is a virtue, but I can't stand the wait! Does it normally take 4 years to get a blossom on a ROS seedling? Is it because of our winters?

Anybody wanna post a PHOTO of Bluebird to show how lovely they are?


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Hi Deb..Does your ROS have buds forming? If so, don't prune..I've 2 ROS's which bud in fall..I'm assuming those buds are the ones that bloom the following yr. I don't prune either tree..(except those that stray on sides of plants since I want them to grow upright as standards)
My purple flowered ROS is about 2', a few yrs old, and started blooming the yr after planting. I do use a special Hibiscus fertilizer bought at Maybe someone else has a different opinion..Toni

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

ROS are best pruned in early spring right before they leaf out, although I did mine after the leaves had started to come out and it didn't hurt it any. They bloom on new growth, so pruning should help encourage flowers down the road; more stems = more new growth = more blooms.

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