Allergies and Hibiscus

goldenecho(Z8 (Waco TX))May 8, 2013

I've read that hibiscus is a good plant for people with allergies because the pollen is heavy, but I was just in the car with one and my eyes were just going nuts (itching, watering). I'm thinking maybe this was a special enclosed space, and the plant was right in front of the air conditioning vents which would have blown the pollen around, heavy or not.

If you suffer from allergies and have hibiscus (or had them), have you ever had and problem with them?

(There was also a lantana...but it was in the back seat, not right next to me in the front seat like the hibiscus, and it was a smaller plant, and is also supposed to be good for people with allergies, so I'm thinking that's not it)

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This is news to me, but I have read articles of hibiscus and their unique properties. For allergies, I direct people to the local 'whole foods' stores and purchase honey from local 'hives'. This honey is made from local plant pollen and usually helps. Got to love home remedies.

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