How do I plant Confederate Rose cuttings?

ljes1686(8 Louisiana)May 6, 2005

Someone gave me some Confederate Rose cuttings that have been rooted in water. I have them in a bucket of water and the roots have gotten longer in the couple weeks that I have had them. I would like to plant these in the ground, but I'm not sure how to plant rooted cuttings. They look like sticks, each about 2 feet long with roots on the bottom couple inches and small leaves on the top inch or so. The rest is just a long bare stick.

So can I plant these now? How do I plant them? Do I need to dig a big planting hole for each one and amend the soil or is that necessary for CR cuttings? How deep should they be planted? How close together should I plant the cuttings? Do I need to cut the tops off after planting them or leave them long with the little leaves at the top?

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Hi,I grow confederate rose.Last year,cut some cuttings off.I put them in the ground,and most are living.I do not cut any of the cuttings off.If they have leaves,they are growing.I have double pink,and white.They do grow real tall.
They are worth,growing.Hope,this helps some.

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ljes1686(8 Louisiana)

Thanks. So how deep would you recommend planting the cuttings? Do they need soil amendments and frequent watering to get established?

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jrgardner(z8b FL)

This is what was recommended to me and it worked well. I rooted some CF in water after a bad storm, but had trouble getting them to transition into a soil environment. Someone on gardenweb suggested this and it works everytime (so far). Plant the cutting in very wet potting soil and let it dry out naturally (inside, not in sun, but bright light). Then water as needed and harden off outside. Somehow the really wet soil helps the roots to get acclimated to the soil. I've done a dozen this way with great success. It may take a little longer to get them in the garden this way, but it works.

Hope this helps

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