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alexh1000May 1, 2009


I have a location between a 6' high fence and an arbor. There is about 3' of horizontal space between the arbor and fence and it's light shade. I have been buying Camelias and potting them in preparation for planting in this area but I realized all Camelias will be boring. I have been studying the hardy Hibiscus but I'm not sure of the right type since the shape is somewhat important.

Ideally I need a plant which would reach about 6-8' max but I also need to be able to contain it's width to about 3' so it does not intrude too much on the arbor space (I assume pruning is necessary of course). Evergreen would be preferred.

I have been looking at H. calyphyllus and moscheutos but need to narrow it down. Prefer pink or white flowers.

It would be best if I could get the plant from a local nursery since I'm now banned from purchasing plants online buy my better half.


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Should probably include H. syriacus (Rose of Sharon) as a candidiate - this one is listed as deciduous but from what I can tell all hardy Hibiscus drop their leaves in winter even in zone 9+.

So evergreen is not a firm requirement.

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