Saving rutabagas

cejay(z9bFL)April 8, 2013

My 80 yr old neighbor planted rutabagas not thinking they would make here in central Florida. Wrong, she has a huge crop and shared both plants of roots with me. How can I save them for later use. No recipe for dehydrating, books says not realy good to can and that I need to wax them and store in a cool, dark place. No such thing as a cool, dark place at my house.........summers just too hot. Any suggestions?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

How many do you have? You could put them in plastic bags (to stop them going wrinkly) and put in your fridge if there only a few.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Although the book says they're not really good to can, there are those who do can them and like the results, which is why the canned recipe was re-instated. You could do a small test batch and see if if's something you care for.

In case you're wondering, canning rutabagas is not a safety issue; it's just that some find the resulting flavor strong or bitter. Others enjoy it - a difference of personal taste.


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My guess would be between 50 and 100 good size rutabagas. Only 5 people in th 2 familes, need to figure out a way to save them.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Good grief - that's two to four year's worth at the rate we eat them. And we eat them all through the winter. We get through 1 a week for about 6 months. You can make them into chutney. Or maybe cook, mash and freeze?

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we use them a lot in soup and have been enjoying a lot of mashed lately. Normal consumption for us is probably 6 a year if that many.

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I have peeled and cubed them, sealed them well in a freezer bag, and stored them in the freezer. I did not blanch first. I did not defrost before cooking (steamed and then mashed, or put into soups and stews). I didn't notice any difference in quality or taste.

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Rutabagas are the ideal root cellar vegetable. Waxing will just help keep them longer, but not really needed. Just keep them in an area that you would potatoes that don't sprout. You can also use the same as potatoes, with alittle difference in taste. Same as turnips.

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