HD hibiscus dying

billjoebobMay 8, 2007


Last week I purchased several red and yellow tropicals from home depot. When purchased, they were healthy. After planting, they started wilting and never recovered no matter what I did. And I have a lot of exp. with them. All my very expensive ones are doing just fine. Went to the store, and to my surprise, all the ones they had were dying also. The dept. manager said they were diseased and for me to bring the ones I purchased back. Any one else had this experience and what kind of bug could they have. Beats me.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

Sounds more like an overdose of b-nine growth regulator or over fertilizing before they were shipped out to HD. It could be a virus but I would think it more unlikely than the two causes above which happens in the rush to supply the mass quantity of hibiscus in such a short time period of Spring. Return and see if they get a new batch without the problem. By now the grower probably is aware of the problem and will correct or dump the crop.
Happy Growing David

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