Anyone have Vanilla vine cuttings available on Oahu?

garden_isle_dave(9b)September 8, 2009


I was wondering if anyone on Oahu has some Vanilla Vines that are big enough to take a number of cuttings from? DOn't have much to swap, but depending on conditions might be able to purchase if the price is right.

Otherwise, anyone know of a nursery that has good prices on them? I'd really like to pick some up!

Mahalo in advance for any information! Best to email me if you don't mind, GW hasn't been sending me notifications of replies, and I don't get to hop on here often! Thanks!

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You still didn't get a reply who has vanilla vine to share or trade?

I got my vanilla vine when Oahu Urban Garden had a big plant sale last February, the plant was relatively cheap; it was in a small pot with the length of the vine reaching almost one feet, and another vine that was few inches tall in the same pot. I separate the two vines and now the long vine is more than twice its length when I got them, but the shorter one is still the same because it was eaten by slugs.

Perhaps when you are in Oahu in second Saturday of February you could visit Oahu Urban Garden. You might see them selling vanilla vines. There were a lot of different vendors out there, but I don't recall the name of the booth where I bought the vanilla vine, unfortunately.

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Dave, I have a couple of vines growing along a trellis that I'm going to have to move in the near future, as we'll be tent fumigating our home soon. I can give you some cuttings when I am ready to move them. Just gotta figure out when and how to get them to you. I gave my brother-in-law a few cuttings, and most of his survived. I'm guessing its easier to transport cuttings rather than rooted plants in soil.

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I know the posts here are pretty old but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place on Oahu to get vanilla cuttings/plants from? I am also in Ewa Beach(so a bit hotter and drier) so any guidance would be much appreciated. Mahalo.

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I got a cutting from Lyon Arboretum. I also bought one at a farmer's market at the shopping center where Costco Hawaii Kai is. Since you live on the west side, the Oahu Urban Garden Center is your best bet. See randag's post. The Oahu Urban Garden Center is adjacent to Home Depot Pearl City. My vanilla vine has produced 3 crops so far. 1st year it blossomed, only 3 attempts at pollination took, and the ants got the beans before I could. Second year, I finally figured out how to pollinate, and got a maybe 3 dozen beans. Third year (2011), smaller crop because I didn't fertilize, so after 2011 harvest, I will be fertilizing. Note that it took several years before it bloomed, but I admit to neglecting it.

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Try Ko'olau farms in Kaneohe, they've had vanilla cutting the last few times I've been there.

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how much does vanilla vine cuttings cost?i live here in ewa beach is it good area to grow those kind of plants here?

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john_dr(SEQLD AUST)

I'm afraid this is a little off subject but I'm hoping someone has experience growing vanilla. I have a vanilla orchid and this year it flowered. I tried to polinate the flowers in order to get some vanilla pods. I was not sucessful in producing any pods and I wonder if any of you have been sucessful and could offer some advice on polination of vanilla orchids. The plant I have grows well and has grown among the branches of a small acalypha shrub/tree in my courtyard which is completly open to the weather. Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you are from Oahu, as of today, I saw two 4-gallon-pot of Vanilla plants at Lowes in Waikele, not the two-color variety vanilla, just green leaves, though. In each pot, there is more than 5 rooted vines growing and quite healthy. A lot of vines is more than a foot long if stretched. It cost about 48 dollars or so, can't exactly remember the price.

The plant that I had, bi-color variety, white and light green, I bought years ago didn't survive; I neglected it, unfortunately. I forgot to water the vines and it shriveled and dried up.

If you are in Ewa, I'm sure you could grow vanilla plant; just give it regular irrigation and plant it on an area with dappled sunshine.

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Home Depot has them now both plain green leaf and striped.

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Dave - are you no longer on Kauai ? - haven't been on in a long time - are you now on Oahu ?

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I usually check Craigslist for interesting plants/garden tools for sale. Found someone who happens to be selling Vanilla plants for 5 bucks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Craiglist

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